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Access is a green company

Policy Statement: to implement changes in the way we operate, and to keep motivated employees and contractors, to help preserve the environment.



The environment not only can be improved by converting fossil fuel power plants into wind farms. Changes that a company makes can drive the way in which its processes are implemented. This, together with a team of motivated employees, and even the way independent contractors are selected, can go a long way towards protecting the environment.


3  Factors that make us a green company:


  1. The implementation of teleworking policies, by which employees and allies, in whole or in part, can provide services from their homes, allowing the volume of traffic in cities to be reduced, as well as pollution levels. This in turn encourages punctuality and improves the work environment and well-being.

  2. Promoting the use of new technologies that allow (i) a reduction of paper use to the absolutely essential, through the general introduction of document authentication mechanisms, for example through the implementation of electronic signatures, and (ii) avoiding unnecessary transportation costs and use of space, for example through offering videoconferencing platforms (which will also reduce expenses derived from transportation and inefficiencies derived from transportation time. 

  3. Optimizing the physical footprint of the company, to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, promote recycling and proper waste disposal.



Comprendemos su necesidad de eficiencia y respondemos sus consultas con rapidez y exactitud.   

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