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Remote Conferencing and Interpretation

With our interpreters and platform, you can keep in touch with your market and associates through remote conferencing.


Access Interpreters provides several remote support services for our clients, including:


  • Remote conferencing platform for up to 500 attendees.

  • Remote conferencing platform, with remote simultaneous interpretation in several languages.

  • Remote conferencing platform without remote interpretation, where you provide the remote interpreters.

  • Monitoring of audio and video via expert technicians.


The cost of these services varies depending on the number of people involved, the languages, and the length of the remote conference.


Should you provide the remote interpreters, we include a practice session for them, with our platform.



If you already have a remote conferencing platform, we can provide you with trained remote simultaneous or consecutive interpreters.

Tips for a better videoconference with interpretation

Access Interpreters’ expertise and remote conferencing and interpretation has opened many opportunities for companies and organizations to establish business networks with counterparts, even if they speak foreign languages and belong to different cultures.


Remote conferencing allows you to reduce costs and improve the user experience and it is changing the way people can pursue new horizons.

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We understand your need for efficiency so we respond to your inquiries promptly and accurately.  

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